My family visited Ouray a couple years ago while on a trip in the south-western corner of Colorado. While I have never been to Europe, as we entered Ouray, I could have sworn we were transported to the Swiss Alps. The mountains in Ouray look almost nothing like the normal Rockies in the rest of the state. Highly pointed and jagged, the mountain views in Ouray are some of the most beautiful I've ever seen. Not only is this town picturesque, it also has a rich history and countless activities for all four seasons. 
11/20/2012 04:39:24 am

Beautiful pictures! This is an awesome site! Good information for those of us who don't live in-state! Planning on visiting Colorado in March. Can't wait!

Michelle Dorrance
11/27/2012 03:46:30 pm

This is such a COOL website! So many fun pictures and interesting things to read. Good job on this girl! :)

2/26/2019 04:37:57 am

It appears that I need to get myself to Ouray stat! Yeah, it’s a shame how many places I’ve avoided visiting


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